Any Priors?

Before we bought our kayak my husband’s prior experience involved kayaking with his parents on a San Juan tour in which his parents ended up getting towed back. Both our sets of parents love the outdoors, but enjoy experiencing them in different ways these days, like RVing and trails.

My prior experience mostly involved taking the small recreational kayaks my parents bought at Sportman’s Warehouse up and down the creek by my house in Alaska. Sometimes we’d go out on the lake to the dam and back but then we had to dodge the float planes.

My only other prior experience involved a date with a fireman. First his truck was too short for the sea kayaks (that’s not a metaphor for anything) so we had to go back and rent recreational kayaks.

We took them out to see the glaciers which was ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC. Then the storm hit and we were paddling in place. All we could do was keep our eyes on the shore and hope we were getting closer as we paddled hard.

After what seemed like hours we managed to get to land, frozen from the water (no, of course we didn’t have skirts). Then he tried to teach me stick shift on the short truck, with two kayaks hanging out the back and we got pulled over, but that’s a different story.

One day (August 2013) in grad school (for me to become an occupational therapist and for him to become a physical therapist) we did a bunch of research online and bought a kayak on a whim. Best impulse purchase ever.

8 thoughts on “Any Priors?

      1. Thanks so much. I hope to get more ideas for tagging as I read others’ blogs too. When forums came out I loved those and then didn’t have time for online fun until now. I can’t believe I’ve been missing out on the blogging world this whole time.

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  1. Hello! I’m a new follower. I’m glad I found your blog through the community pool. I have always wanted to kayak, and now you’ve just motivated me more! I’ve been telling my boyfriend to come kayak with me and to bring our dog to the lake. Thank you for sharing! Feel free to follow & comment on my blog too, I do write about hobbies, although my hobbies aren’t this exciting!

    -Romina @


    1. You should definitely get one! There are even triple kayaks if you want you two and your dog to stay together! Do you have a large dog of small? I’ve never kayaked with a dog myself (since we don’t have one) but it’s definitely possible.


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