Getting skinnier: the tornado

How do you get skinny without losing weight?

In this case it’s by switching to a skinnier boat, the tornado, in our sprint paddle class. Training wheels are off! Though I’m not quiet in the “big kid bike” of actually using a racing boat, or a “pencil” as Alex likes to call it (to skinny if you ask me, I like a little curve).

At first, in my hunched over position, I did just fine and felt pretty steady. Then I tried getting some hip action in there for some power and immediately fell in (my first time! so I got to learn how to drain the boat). Luckily I was by the dock.

I fell in again while we were doing balance drills, this time getting to learn how to re-enter from the motor boat.

This was a costly learning curve, as my vivofit (an activity tracker) fell off my wrist, but I’m still staying fit without it so far so I suppose I’ll survive.

Both times my hair didn’t even get wet since I jumped out fast once I tipped too far (I have a huge aversion to water in my face despite my love for water sports).

All in all I had more fun because it was a challenge, felt more of a work out (using those trunk muscles to stay upright the whole time), and felt a lot faster in the water (I beat Alex to the buoy and back but that took all my energy and he easily beat me back to the dock in his trainer).

This time I wasn’t popping any gum, as I did last training session.

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