Ross Lake Camping: Part II

The infamous Ross Lake winds picked up, after sleeping in then packing everything, by the time we got started.

Our next scheduled campsite, Boundary Bay, was only six miles further North, but I realized that the next day we would have 15 miles, traveling South against the winds, and we would pay for our overestimation. After all, this was still vacation.

So we checked out the waterfall then headed south.

water fall

We struggled against the waves and winds, taking a break at Devil’s Creek. This is an absolute must see on Ross Lake, it’s beautiful!

Devil's Creek

Another storm brewed close to us and we realized we were paddling right for it.


Storm 2

Hail greeted us as we landed at May Creek campground and made it up the steep embankment, but unfortunately my Go Pro battery had died.

We thought no one was staying at May Creek, then a family of hiker’s arrived. Thankfully they were staying in one tent and there were two sleeping pad areas.

We stored most of our gear in our kayak against the tree to make room in the bear box to share, then tried to stay out of their way, since we were unscheduled intruders (it’s supposed to be a single site).

They must not have minded too much since they invited us to share their campfire.

The next day we got to relax some, since we had already scheduled May Creek.

May Creek selfie

May Creek Sunset 2

May Creek Sun Set

Some of the day we had to gather and cut wood to make a fire, which was not easy with all the rain. I’m more used to an ax but I learned how to use a saw this trip.

Kyrstin cutting wood

Alex cutting wood

We had to make a fire, to dry our stuff and to boil water, since our steripen decided to quit.

campfire cooking

And while we had the heat we decided to make our lunch.

And we had to keep the fire going because our water proof matches were the worst.

Waterproof matches

Overall it was really nice to have a non-paddling day, especially with the water situation.

Note: sorry for being out of order, I thought I set this to post while gone on vacation (paddling and camping of course!).

See Part I and Part III.

5 thoughts on “Ross Lake Camping: Part II

  1. There is no excuse for taking someone else’s campsite, a campsite you did not have a permit for. You should not have done that. You say they must not have minded, but that’s simply not true. They had no option but to pretend you were welcome. They were supposed to have the campsite all to themselves, but you ruined that experience for them. It’s bad enough to have to read about your unbelievably poor planning, but to have your poor choices negatively impact others in the wilderness is not okay. It is simply not okay. I hate having to share the backcountry with people like you. Plan better, and respect the permit system, or stay home.


    1. Interesting how a storm that wasn’t in the weather report leading to an unplanned stop leads to hatred. I can’t help your feelings but hope you never end up in that sort of situation. I’d rather focus on community and the outdoors than have your attitude but if you want to ruin your trips with your attitude that’s only your trip that’s ruined.


      1. After reaponding I skimmed the actual post and yes there could have been better plans but… how else do you learn to plan except through classes, books, others experiences, and your own experience? I’m happy to share my experiences, good and bad, to have others learn from them as well.
        Again though, not sure how your response is healthy for yourself or anyone around you. I hope you find a healthier way to enjoy nature, perhaps through someone else’s blog.


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