Spirited Waters book review

Spirited waters
“‘There are spirits who protect holy fools’ an Alaskan Native Man once told me.” 

I’m glad she said it first! I know I go relatively unprepared into situations but I suppose I expect better from the “real” kayakers. You know, the professionals, the experienced, the circumnavigaters. 

Yet when she talked about not realizing the winds would blow against her her whole trip, and not planning where to launch, I realized they’re humans too. 
She is as about as different as possible from Freya but yet they are both adventurous kayakers. Their differences also help explain why even though there are plenty of kayakers out there, a lot of them like to kayak alone.  

Jennifer Hahn, the author, has a spiritual side, communing with nature. 
I love her interest in animals and plants, especially using her knowledge (she used a river otter travel bed for flat ground and using stuff she finds to make delicious meals).

 I also enjoyed the connections she made with people she met along the way. Being solo didn’t mean she couldn’t be social. 
I enjoyed the history and her knowledge of mammals (marine and land) and plants.

The only negative I can say is the book was longer (268 pages) and not as fast paced as the other kayak books I’ve read. That being said…

She is from Washington and kayaking in Alaska; how could I not read this book? 

2 thoughts on “Spirited Waters book review

    1. I’ve heard the same thing about Seagrass in the Seattle area. Wasn’t it difficult (more resistance) in the shallow water? Either way, looks like a lot of fun!
      I also need to get out and paddle soon. There’s actually a cobweb in my kayak.


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