Pancake paddle 

Swedish pancakes and paddlers go well together. 

I forgot to take a pic of my delicious pancakes or the Swedish musicians before they started their break (above). 

We all walked down from the Swedish club to Northwest Outdoor Center to launch onto Lake Union. 

“We” meaning the Pancake Pancake Meet Up group we just joined! 

There were kayakers (fancy, plastic, skin on frame, inflatable, you name it!), and stand up paddle boarders 

It’s a good thing they raised the bridge for the taller paddlers among us 😉

After going past the Fremont bridge our group made it over to Gas Works park (just from water as there is nowhere you’re supposed to land). 

You can see downtown Seattle from Lake Union. A fun mix of city and outdoors, which pretty much sums up Seattle. 

Pancake paddlers is a fun meet up group. One we’ll definitely paddle with again! 

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