Erickson Bay on Ozette Lake

Erickson bay was a lot further than it looked! Probably 3-4 miles but with wind and a heavy kayak that took an hour 

It hailed and rained as soon as we got here but our campsite was under big trees so we were mostly under cover (after being soaked walking our gear up the beach)

Campsites are in the woods just behind the beach. There are three main sites we could find, each with a few tent sites and fire ring. An outhouse is within a short walk of the one on the far right (when facing the water).

(We only saw 2/3 of the sites but I assume the 3rd is the same).

We heard there’s a trail to the ocean on the west side of Erickson Bay (a short paddle to a slippery unmaintained two mile boardwalk) but we didn’t have a chance to explore this time around. By the time we set up camp and ate dinner it was dark.

Other good info is we heard from the ranger not to use idione tablets because they aren’t effective on a certain bacteria in the water. We had enough water with us I didn’t think to ask if our steripen would work but I will definitely research this before depending on any other lake for water since I hadn’t heard of this before.

So how did we get a beautiful roaring hot fire after a soaking rain when we couldn’t find a single dry twig, leaf, or log?

Our camping Neighbor one site over was on the beach smoking a ciggerete (he admitted he was hiding it from his kids) and saw through the path opening we were having a hard time. We’d get a small flame through huge effort that would then go out. He admitted to raiding our site for dry wood earlier and that he had brought over dry wood on his motor boat. He carried over hot wood coals from his fire on a shovel and his kid brought over a couple pieces of good dry wood! This was hot enough to catch our wet wood on fire and we had a wonderfully warm time the rest of the evening (just talking and listening to frog mating songs, how romantic).

For the start of this adventure click the link.

Or find out the conclusion to this adventure.

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