Sucia to Orcas 

After successfully crossing to Sucia we hoped for a good crossing back.

I was still a little sore from all the paddling yesterday exploring Sucia (though you’d think I’d be in good paddling shape by now!).

The whole morning was smooth (except our eggs went bad so we went without breakfast). Right on time we broke down camp, hauled all the gear back down the stairs, loaded the kayak, and took off at low tide, shaking off the seaweed as we went. 

It had been so windy throughout the night and morning but the winds calmed down just in time for us to launch and head towards our crossing.

It was peaceful getting back and loading up the car. We made it to the ferry terminal with plenty of time for the 2:20 ferry but it was booked so we had to wait until after 5pm.

Actually, we waited in the front of the line since the cars in front of us all made it on but we didn’t! Disappointing but we made the most of it.

There’s a few little stores within a short walk so we left our car in line and wandered down for orange juice and milk.

Orange juice was to quench our thirst and milk was for the salmon soup!

We cooked it under the shade of the tree and drank our orange juice.

Not in perfect peace as we got a little grumpy from days in the sun on mostly freeze dried food and not our home bed, and because the salmon chowder we were looking forward to got burnt. Apparently you have to pour the milk in before putting it on the stove, even for two seconds, or it will burn, oops!

We made peace again before getting on the ferry and enjoyed our ride back to Anacortes. We got ice cream and snacks at Dairy Queen on the drive back, as seems to be our tradition.

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