We made it to the end of the Denali National Park Road, to Kantishna. We stayed in Kantishna Roadhouse, next to Moose Creek. They advertise themselves as a way to get away from it all since they do not have internet / cell phone reception etc., which was fine by me!


Our cabins for the next two nights
I squished the Alaskan State Bird


The “Snow” mosquitoes (first to come out with the last snow) are slow and huge. That’s why they are jokingly referred to as Alaska’s State Bird.

The smaller faster mosquitoes were also out by the time we got there. So we had to take some protective measures.


Not a happy camper at first but she settled in and NO mosquito bites!

The lodge lent out mosquito net hats that thankfully covered all of Kaya.

We went on a hike along Wonder Lake.

Hiking Blueberry Hill

We stayed on the path for the most part. Walking through the spongy tundra was also an interesting experience!

While at the lodge we got to experiment with fly fishing on the creek. I love deep sea fishing and salmon fishing but didn’t particularly enjoy fly fishing, I’ll admit. 

We also tried gold panning. Between the six of us adults my dad found two small flakes. The rest of us had a good time just hanging by the river.

It was warm enough to be comfortable and just cold enough we could finally use this outfit! It was the first outfit I bought for her, in Talkeetna, Alaska.

We saw this rodent while in Kantishna. I’m not sure what it is but thought it was cute!

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