Nature AND Nurture

I read this article in the Pacific NW section of the Sunday paper (it takes me the whole week to read the hunkin’ paper).

Multitasking playing with baby while reading
Oh yeah, also having breakfast… floor time gets complicated!

It’s called “Nature & Nurture: Elite female athletes balance climbing huge mountains with raising tiny humans” by Caitlin Moran.

Probably none of us on here are elite female athletes but I found it a great article to read. It showed the balance well (while also telling some amazing stories) and my takeaway was that it’s totally normal to want to do anything to take care of your child while also wanting to continue pursuing your passions and that it’s okay for your hobbies to change to accommodate kids but it’s also okay to have some time for yourself (a much needed message as I feel guilty spending time away from my baby for returning to part time work).

I really enjoy my job at the hospital. I really enjoy my role as a mother and wife. I really enjoy my lifestyle of adventure (including introducing our baby to kayaking and leaving her with my brother and sister-in-law while we went Dragon boating). I enjoy LIFE! Including its challenges.

Fun fact: I’ve written this short post throughout the day, including the last few minutes of nap time (Murphy’s law dictates as soon as a blog post is opened those are the last few minutes of a nap), while playing floor time while she was distracted by the beads, and while kicking a balloon seated on the couch while she sat on the floor in front of me and batted at the moving target until she got distracted by the leftover food on the floor from yesterday’s dinner and I…have to go!.

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