Green lake

I’ve walked around green lake countless times. I love being near the lake and among the trees. There’s people and dog watching to be had, along with squirrels and geese and ducks.

Did I mention people watching? There’s the Spanish lessons guy (with a sign on his burlap shirt), large strange bicycles, unicycles, kids with teenage mutant ninja turtle and R2D2 helmets, there’s the lady that walks in a skirt and barefoot whatever the weather, there’s the guy who only has a loin cloth on and a sign saying who knows what (I’m fine with nudity but not with encouraging exhibitionists where children play) and the shirtless lady wanting equality, I assume.

People practicing yoga, and tightrope walking, playing every kind of instrument, picnicking with loved ones or alone, and much more!

There’s sports fields and a big playground, swimming areas and a toddler wading pool, kayak and peddle boat rentals, a place to buy ice cream, and the whole lake is surrounded by restaurants and dessert and coffee places.

The racing kayak class we took was here and they have rowing as well. There’s an island in the lake (Duck Island, that’s actually full of geese) that you’re not supposed to go on but I almost always see someone there as we paddle by. Occasionally there’s a tent on the island and I heard recently someone built a skate park but had to remove it (would it be harder to bring the concrete bags over or the concrete back?).

There’s a people lane (going both ways) and a wheels lane (going one way). There’s also a bike path going around the top of the lake for commuters.

Green Lake is a park full of life!

I’ve gone to Green Lake countless times and have never been bored. For the first time during a walk I spread a blanket with my mom and Kaya and she was literally shrieking with delight (Kaya, not my mom). She loved looking at dogs and kids, studying the leaves in the overhead tree, and playing in the grass. We never got around the lake (almost 3 miles) because we ran out of time before dinner, having too much fun, and walked back).

Without air conditioning in the house it was the perfect way to cool off in the shade.

Forget the blanket…


All these posts were on GL:

Setting up our kayak at GL

Our rudder breaking on GL (not that we should have needed it, haha)

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Our daughter’s first kayaking trips at 2 months and 4 months.

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