Outdoors from my Couch

Instead of working on taxes I spent the evening researching all the cool websites and Facebook groups that are focused on outdoor adventures and kids. There’s of course the jet stream with three kids type blogs (which sounds awesome! But our jobs can’t be taken be virtual) but also many that are just about doing what we’re doing, which is getting out every time we can from parks and playgrounds to jetting out to another state.

One blog, Adventure Mommas, mentioned Tinkergarten (read more about it on her blog here

Check out the article! And one my friend recently sent me (linked here) that makes me terrified of sending my daughter to preschool,

Tingergarten is an awesome idea I’m going to look more into (more on that later) but overall I just had fun reading through blogs, checking out pictures, and thinking about ideas to get out more.

One of those ideas is one I’ll hopefully get to tomorrow by joining a Hike it Baby toddler hike!


3 thoughts on “Outdoors from my Couch

  1. We homeschool our girls and love it. 1) they get sick less, 2) they are less anxious re these standards, 3) the older has grown to love school now. It really is quite wonderful to set their criteria towards pure learning and excitement of knowledge vs. benchmarks.

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  2. That’s great! I was homeschooled with my brothers up until going to college and found the transition easy and I still love learning! We got to go outside and play a lot growing up since school takes so much less time with only a 1:3 teacher student ratio! 😊


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