Zion: Riverside Walk

We left Bryce Canyon and drove through Zion to our hotel in Springdale. The drive was beautiful! We took the free shuttle from near our hotel (Quality Inn Springdale) into the park. You can’t drive in unless you’re staying at the park lodge.

The first stop we did was the River Walk, It’s accessible (paved and mostly flat) but we didn’t bring the stroller because then we’d have to tote it around all day to the non-accessible hikes.

The path was long enough for a good walk (about a mile each way) with fantastic views. We stopped before going to the narrows (since you need to cross a river, looked like there were rentals and some kids doing it but between Kaya and my parents that wasn’t for us this trip). 

hanging squirrel
Oh deer!
Off the concrete, onto the beaten path (leave no trace!)

On the way back we walked by the river on a packed trail. By this time (late morning) the paved trail was starting to get crowded and this allowed us to walk in almost privacy (only a few others walked by) and walk at our own pace (I think I was holding Kaya’s hand when I took the above shot but enjoyed stopping and checking out most of the plants we went by)

So many different looking rocks with so many interesting striations

No roses to stop and smell but fuzzies to watch crawl by!

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