Knik River Lodge, Alaska

From Eklutna lake (where we went kayaking) we drove to Knik River Lodge to spend the night. The plan had been to take a helicopter over by a glacier then boat among the icebergs (it’s awesome to have Alaskan tour connections and parents that have done well financially in the recent years) but the winds made that impossible (money can’t buy the weather!) so we explored around Knik River Lodge instead. Thankfully it’s not money OR weather that makes the mood, so we had an awesome (and relaxing) time.

Each couple stayed in a cabin (which was nice except we had to be careful having a toddler around an actual hot stove, and yes you do need heat in Alaska even in the summer).

It was August, so yes we even needed light coats during the day…but it was actually really nice weather for walking.

We tried going up a trail behind the cabins that would have given us a view of the glacier we had wanted to take a helicopter too but it was majorly overgrown. Had it just been Alex and I in our hiking boots (the ground was muddy from the rain the day before) we would have gone, being extra careful to mark our trail for coming back, but without proper footwear and with my parents and our toddler…we decided to just pick raspberries by the trail instead (just for Kaya, since we didn’t want to take too much bear food in case they needed it getting closer to winter) then went for a walk along the road (definitely not overgrown….even paved!). Which, is still in the wilderness, as you can tell from the pics below!

The biggest bee (wasp?) nest I’ve ever seen! Basketball size at least
Moose (Kaya has known the word for a while now but finally got to see a live one!)
The other type of wilderness…when you’re not sure which part you’ll need you keep all your cars and appliances in your yard, along with your firewood
A Yurt, back at the Lodge

We ate at the Lodge, which has a game area in the yard. We had fun playing and also met a local family who drove over for a birthday dinner, from Palmer, with their two kids.

In the few days between packing and playing outside in the puddles Kaya outgrew her rain boots. So the next day  I went to the store the day before to pick up rain boots for Kaya. Well, not just rain boots… XtraTufs. If you’ve ever spent an extended time in Alaska, especially Southeast Alaska, than you know this is the Juneau tennis shoe. Seriously. Alaskans wear these brown rubber heavy boots in the rain or to fancy restaurants. Not raining? Just roll the top of the boot down. You can even buy pairs with cute designs on the inside for just that occasion.

Going to a baby shower of an Alaskan baby? Hopefully at least one person picked up some soft booties that look like XtraTufs.

So when I walked to Fred Meyer near my parents house the next day I knew exactly what to look for, because I wasn’t going to pay $40 (on sale!) for shoes she’d outgrow soon unless they were also XtraSpecial (see what I did there?).

When I lived in Juneau for a year I bought a pair because I was a Marine Biology Major so I truly did need a sturdy pair of rain boots but I didn’t buy the fancy ones with the inner design and only wore mine in the field….because while I’ll always be an Alaskan at heart I guess I’m just not that cool.

Is there a fad like that where you live?

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