Iceland: the Golden Circle

We did the Golden Circle drive then went to the Blue Lagoon. On the Golden Circle we did three main stops.

The first is at Thingvellir National Park where the tectonic plates have separated the land (the Rift Valley)

There’s a look out then a walk along a trail.

Kaya, at 18 months, is a good little walker, especially if she’s holding two hands so she can get some speed up without worrying about falling.

Another stop along the Golden Circle is the geysers. I’ll admit, if you’ve been to Yellowstone you won’t think this is incredible BUT still really cool, including their “old faithful” (the Great Geysir) that goes off every 10ish minutes and puts on a good (very tall!) show.

We walked along to see the other pools (and could see the big one go off from the distance from there). My brother and his family hiked up a hill to get a better view but I was content following my toddler around (closely! I remember seeing some kids at Yellowstone who’d been rescued from one of the pools. They were fine, thank God, but some of them are very hot!).

The last stop was the most incredible water fall I’ve ever seen (and I’ve seen a lot), names Gullfoss. This picture does not even begin to show how amazing it is and we had the shortest amount of time there because we had to get to our Blue Lagoon timed tickets.

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