Eze, France

Eze is a really cool old town built up on the Rocky Mountain, to get away from the Moors (don’t quote me on that). We visited Eze on the way to Monaco.

To get to our bus we took smaller boats in and walked to an old stone structure where the busses were parked. The busses had to navigate on very narrow straights going in and out of the area (on the way back we were actually late because of having to wait for oncoming traffic, but thankfully since the tour was through the cruise ship it waited for our bus load to get back).

We stopped at a square that I can’t remember the name of (I know, bad tourist).

And walked along the beach and through a market one street over. We did not play on the beach because even with sun screen in September we would have baked.

We drove away from the port town (Villefranche; a holiday town in France), higher into the mountains, with good views.

We then arrived at Eze and walked up the hill, through the town, to the top.

There was a good lookout almost to the top for free then a paid garden on the very top.

There were a lot of stairs and a variety of cactus that made for a nice walk.

Though it was way too hot for me at the top it also had a great view.

Including a nice view of the water, rooftops, and garden.

We then walked back down through town and did a little window shopping.

One of the shops we went into was a man who made his own toys and bought handmade toys from other places nearby. They were so fun, especially wooden animals that hung from the ceiling and moved by pulling a string (such as a bird flapping its wings). So fun but too big for the suite case so we didn’t buy anything. I can’t imagine how a shop such as this survives in a small tourist town but loved visiting.

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