Monaco (including Monte Carlo)

Monaco is an interestingly small country. It’s small and has a lot of pride. They want rich people to move here so they don’t tax you (I didn’t hear all the tour commentary since I was following Kaya around most of the time…this was a toddler running around kind of day) but it costs a lot to live here (unless you’re a citizen, which you can only be if you are born to someone whose a citizen) and you have to move your wealth here. So they are a rich country, that provides well for their few citizens, and has (sounds like?) a lot of rich foreigners.

Prince’s Palace

The Monaco Grand Prix takes place here as a large event (Formula One motor race). I wasn’t in the race but I got to go across the start line in the tour bus!

Next we went to the Monte Carlo Casino. We couldn’t go in to the main casino because we weren’t dressed up to the hilt (which I knew in advance but had no desire to go, I’ll admit, unless it would have been easy to get in) but we went into the lobby and went around a maze of cards (got to get kids started young!).

Outside the Casino
Inside the Casino
Casino ornate walls / ceiling
Card Maze cutouts

Dinner on the Cruise Sailing away

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