Indoor play and dulce de leche

Our second day in Vancouver was pouring. Perfect for an indoor play area! Kidtropolis is basically the play city part of children’s museums. There aren’t any educational displays but there is a square of a bunch of play buildings and it’s a lot of fun. I went on a Tuesday where it was a Toddler play date (you didn’t have to pay for the adult or toddler, I can’t remember which).

We played until Kaya dropped (literally, in a tantrum, slightly after nap time should have started… but we were having too much fun) before napping on the drive back to the air bnb.

My only complaints were the slides didn’t have an extra step for those in the 3 foot and under crowd, in just one area, so I had to hang out, baby in hand, to help Kaya (and a couple other toddlers) up.

My only other complaint is you’re not allowed to bring your own food (really? With a bunch of toddlers and breast feeding moms?) and can’t leave and re enter, so we ate in the car right before going in then ate in the car as soon as we were finished. At least if they make you buy their stuff they should have more quality healthy options… anyway, I wouldn’t go all the time (because it was pricy) but lots of fun on a rainy day.

Also, on the drive back we stopped at Panaderia Latina Bakery (which is always a stop for us in Vancouver) for dulce de leche treats. Soooo good.

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