Lynn Canyon

There’s a super expensive suspension bridge somewhere in North Vancouver. I say somewhere because I haven’t even looked it up since Lynn Canyon is free!

The bridge definitely bounces and is pretty far, so if you have a fear of heights I suggest going when it’s not very busy and not looking down. I was only fearful of slipping while wearing Kaden and holding Kaya’s hand, but she did great on her own so we crossed just fine.

After that we headed left on the board walk, down a lot of stairs to a dirt path.

We didn’t make it to the lake because we had too much fun exploring along the path. Checking out the trees (and getting up the nerve to step into the shadows in order to splash in the puddle, tentatively with one foot).

We followed a little stream (aka moving puddle),

did some climbing (Kaya did anyway, I had Kaden on my front so wasn’t really able to climb…I really need to figure out how to get him on and off my back safely by myself but always forget to practice with someone around to catch).

We threw some rocks and leaves into the fast flowing river,

and checked out every conk.

Kaden, at a little over two months, was very alert (then very asleep).

On the way back up the (many) stairs we saw a huge banana slug.

After our hike we went into the Lynn Canyon Ecology Centre. We paid a few bucks to use their play area and it was definitely worth it.

There were a lot of animals to play with (puppets and toys) and a card reader to hear animal noises, puzzles and coloring stuff (including rubbing stamps, or whatever they’re called, that you put the paper over it and rub the side of a crayon over it to see the image) and books.

Kaya was fascinated by a collection of bird eggs (which apparently it’s now against the law to collect bird eggs but this was an old collection) and Kaden’s favorite was a large toy tiger he kept batting at while Kaya was drawing.

The Ecology Centre has a few other displays for adults, but I didn’t get a chance to do much more than walk through quickly.

They also have a gift shop where I bought a Christmas present of two geodes (the rocks with colorful crystals for my daughter and nephew. We also bought a cool rock identification guide since Kaya was enjoying looking at the colors on all the rocks we found.

I’d been to Lynn Canyon once before, with my little brother, and blogged about kayaking in Vancouver (2016, before kids!, when I used to only blog about kayaking) and not our hike at Lynn Canyon (cliff notes is…we hiked a lot further than this trip, haha). I think next time we come back we will definitely come back for the suspension bridge, hikes, and Ecology Centre.

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