Apparently even when there’s not snow Whistler is popular! We skipped the obligatory picture in front of the Olympic Rings because our attention span isn’t that much longer than our kids and there was a long line. I did snap a picture between groups of people while walking by!

We ate lunch at Peaked pies (notice the “peak” off mashed potatoes and mashed peas with gravy on top, soooooooooo yummy!). We tried kangaroo pie (after googling that this is sustainable) as one and both pies and dessert were delicious.

Next we stopped at the playground, before going for a walk through the village (not all of it; we had to get back to our campsite for dinner and s’mores).

It’s one of the coolest playgrounds I’ve seen, with elegant tree house designs, a lot of accessible features, and lot of different areas to play in. There was also a lot of sitting area for the parents, which is especially nice when hauling around a baby.

We ended at a candy shop (with the picture cutout in front of it) and bought way too much candy. Kaya had more fun picking it out than eating it though, so I ended up eating most of it (oops!). We did discover she loves gummy bears though.

After camping at Alice Lake Provincial Park another night we packed up our tent in the pouring rain and drove the long way back to Seattle in one day (including two hours to get through the border crossing). In hindsight we should have done that second night somewhere closer to Vancouver to shorten the trip, but setting up / taking down our campsite has gotten a lot more complicated with two kids.

Overall, that was a really fun week of exploring a lot of different places!

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