Capturing Adventure (in the neighborhood)

I very rarely buy anything new, especially for the kids (second hand on barely used items? Heck yes!), but I couldn’t help getting this kid’s camera for Kaya (Vatenic kid’s camera).

As soon as it was charged we went for a walk around our neighborhood.

For only $20 it’s something of course I want to last but also I won’t freak out if it gets dropped or is in the rain. In addition I had to buy a micro memory card card (choosing 32GB since it was only a few dollars more and meant less times having to erase videos/pictures).

Kaya instantly took to taking pictures. My only complaint is the battery life is not great, so on a longer hike we’ll just have to make sure we don’t have it out and running constantly (there is an auto shut off but if we have it out Kaya takes pictures frequently enough to leave it basically constantly on).

Sure, the pictures are blurry most of the time as she’s still learning and she’s too little to like the frames, but it sure beats her trying to take a picture with my smart phone and she already really enjoys using it on our neighborhood walk (my neighbor loved the pic below that I sent her after we respectfully trespassed into her garden).

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