Spooky Spider Ranger Hike

Last time we came to a ranger led hike at Lake Hills Greenbelt Park (in Bellevue) we were late jogging around trying to find the group. This time we were 20 min early. There isn’t much to do at this ranger station, since it’s being renovated, but there were some skulls to check out (including this owl one) and pelts.

Once the other kids arrived we went searching for spiders! And got to learn about them along the way.

The kids liked to share not just answers to the rangers questions, but also about how they heir parents got rid of spiders. Did anyone get credit for putting them outside? Nope, just down the toilet or squished or put inside the bug container and died (the last one was mine..: whoops).

If my husband is around the spider gets released outside. If I’m around I try to make their death (only if they are in my house! Clearly marked territory in my opinion). Kaya is not letting me get away with that though, since she says they are cute and friendly and wants to touch them. So in the bug container and they go! And released outside, as long as I don’t get distracted and leave them overnight… whoops.

Yes that’s my child not paying attention, holding a giant stick and leaf
Catipillers are fun to find too

Kaya is thrilled! I’m just happy to be outside

After the hike we sat down for the spider web craft. It was only an hour for the hike and craft…

So we went to the zoo!

It started pouring as we drove to the zoo but that’s what rain gear is for right?

We checked out the rain forest (which seemed fitting for the rainy day and creepy crawlers theme) and spent a while checkout out the frogs and snakes.

I have to remember that Pacific NW adventuring mommas don’t wear glasses in the winter… or if they do it makes it hard to hike in the rain or enter rain forest buildings without fogging up for a while.

Kaya would have stayed outside but by then Kaden had enough of the carrier and stroller so we went to the indoor play area to get some tummy time with the fluffier animals.

Though apparently fluffy and cuddly don’t have to be the same.

“Alligator needs a blanket. Don’t worry he’s friendly! Want to pet him? ”

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