Neighborhood Walk in the Snow

On our third and final snow day (you can read about the first here, and the second was very similar) we went for a walk around our neighborhood. Usually not something to write home (or the internet) about but with the addition of snow well…here we are.

Kaya brought out her little camera and was able take several blurry pictures and a few cute ones (low resolution and totally off center so I’m not posting them but they’re great to me!).

Kaden was totally silent (instead of babbling and cooing) the whole walk. I think he’s still just fascinated by the change from gray to white.

Kaya was leading the way, as usual, taking pics at first, then just walking.

Then she decided it would be good fun to push the (empty) stroller. I brought it along in case she got tired walking in the snow but it turned into a fun play toy. I did hold on on the hills to make sure we didn’t lose anyone or anything… I had flashbacks to babysitting in Anchorage and going downhill with a stroller (there’s only real hills by the downtown shoreline where the big earthquake caused them) sliding from one sign post to the next on a really icy day. Good times.

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