Yesler Swamp

Yesler swamp is a short walk I didn’t know existed until going to a story time at a library I didn’t know existed.

Yesler Swamp is by the University of Washington, right by where I had my graduation party (the Center for Urban Horticulture) when I got my masters.

The trail is mostly boardwalk going along a short loop. There weren’t many on it, going in February.

I’m looking online to see how far it was and now realize it’s part of Washington Park Arboretum, but would never have guessed it since it’s a whole different area (I think of more Graham Visitor Center). It’s 1 mile, by the way.

We had come to visit a library I’d never been to and didn’t know existed since it’s not part of Seattle Public Library. The Elisabeth C. Miller Library. They had (and I assume will have again post COVID) a once a month story time followed by play time. Which then you can follow with a nice walk!

There’s also a nice children’s book selection, including a lot of outdoor learning books I want to pursue further as my kids get older.

We were only able to once before the world shut down but this is reminding me that Yesler Swamp would still be open and will look very different now that it’s August, so I’ll plan on going soon.

I also see how that the library has a virtual story time, still one per month. Excellent!

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