Assembling a greenhouse

We used to have raspberries, flowers, and a grass (not on purpose) walk way in this section. Now we made it into a mud patch! Er, I mean the start of the green house foundation. We did lots of pulling up roots and digging. Alex did most of the digging up grass but we all got our work outs.
It took us a couple days to get the ground ready, then made essentially a square box to be the foundation.
Assembly was…..a lot of pieces. We worked on this for weeks because a) there were other things like work and daily life, ha b) it was cold so eventually hands went numb and then it’s hard to screw things in c) the kids had to be cooperate enough (I mean….they’re perfect angels 100% of the time, and d) we had to fix it up a couple times after high winds (since the wind would catch the finished part once we had to put in the plastic panels).
We got the Palram Americana.
There was a lot of short spurts using the last of the daylight then borrowing some light.
It looked so finished once the frame was up yet still had so much work to do. The most difficult part was the roof and panel up top, since us shorties (me and the kids) couldn’t help a ton even with a ladder. My brother came over to help.
The most fun part was of course once we were finished, set up a table and shelves, and started planting!
I had lots of help with planting seeds and watering.

It was so much fun to see our plants grow, including those in the green house and outside (and transplanting between the two). We’re still figuring out how to set up in the inside but just experimenting was a lot of fun (and delicious).

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