One of my heroes: Sarah Outon (and Justine Curgenven, pictured)

Imagine kayaking the crazy unpredictable Aleutian Chains with barely any kayaking experience. Sarah Outon has other water experiences but she had barely gotten her feet wet in kayaking before doing this 1k+ mile journey.

I got to see Justine Curgenven speak at the Mountaineers Club. She kayaked the Aleutians after training Sarah up, since she has a lot of experience. Justine is a dynamic and inspiring speaker. 

Sarah wasn’t able to make the talk because she is currently rowing across the Atlantic.

Here’s the teaser trailer and link for the DVD about the Aleutians. I got to see some of it while at the talk and it was really good.
And here’s where you can track Sarah’s progress from London to London, all by human power (kayaking the Aleutians was part of it but she bikes on land and rows through open sea).
I just wanted to share an amazing story, which is also inspiring to me not because I now want to kayak the Aleutians but because I see how much someone can do when they just go for it, giving their 110%.

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