Kayak Video Editing with a day job

We spent 82 hours outside, kayaking and camping, over memorial day weekend.

With the solar charger we weren’t limited by battery but instead by our 64GB memory card. This equals 4 hours of video on the go pro.

82 hours outside, 4 hours of video to capture the trip, and I’m attempting to widdle it down to 5ish minutes!

The problem is, of course, going through all that video, not just once but dozens of times. Clip out the sections you think you want, string them together coherently, speed things up/slow things down,fade in and out, and of course add music!

The two main issues are 1) I have a job that takes up 11ish hours including the commute, plus putting all the gear away, plus all the other things in life. Oh yeah, and sleep. 2) I have to research how to actually post videos online with copywritten music, since the music makes the video kind of awesome.

I’m tackling this by giving myself nine days, three days for clipping ~3 days of clips, three days for stringing/speeding/fading, and 3 days for music.

In that time I also have a sounder’s game to go to, paintball to play, and my husband’s birthday to celebrate. Life’s rough 😉

If you have any tips on posting video here, please comment below.

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