Pintest inspired kayaking, making connections, and creating your own pins

My Pinterest page, Kayak Kyrstin, is full of kayaking information and inspirations.

I’ve pinned places I’ve gone and want to go, in and out of Washington. Camping and cooking tips. Information about everything kayaking, a couple other categories, and a miscellaneous section for everything else.

I discovered Pinterest when I was planning my wedding and had a lot of fun with the do-it-yourself pins. And decorations, since I barely know pink from purple (our colors were blue and silver by the way). It’s a collection of pictures with short descriptions in the title and usually a link to the information when you click on the picture (which was inspiration for using this cubic blog theme).

My main reason for pinning is to find information (who knew there was a great place to kayak near New Orleans!). It’s also relaxing to scroll down the page and see all the colorful pictures and daydream. Another reason I’m just discovering is connecting with people. I can “follow” people to see more of their awesome pins (and they can follow me!) but I also started posting my own pins to this blog. Having just done it on a couple I don’t know that I’ve generated any traffic but I’ve seen others’ blogs on there so maybe it’s a good way to find people.

Following the directions on this website I can now pin any website, including my own. How I do it on my tablet is I click into one of my boards and there’s an “add a pin” box on top left box. Paste in the URL, choose an image, write a caption, and you’re done.

I learned some tips for kayak camping (like dry bags aren’t dry…double bag with zip locks) and got the idea for watching Independence Day Fireworks on Lake Union via kayak (stay tuned for that post).

And that’s where I found the phrase “You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy a kayak, and that’s pretty close.”

How have you used Pinterest?   Feel free to share your Pinterest link.

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