Kayak Barbie – Mock Review

For my husband’s birthday I bought him a few real gifts and a few gag gifts.

I’m no longer sure which category the kayak barbie doll fits into, since it provided the very real gift of laughter.

Check out our review on youtube by clicking on this link or copying the link below.

5 thoughts on “Kayak Barbie – Mock Review

  1. hahahahaha LOL!! This is BRILLIANT!!! On so many levels… your blue tablecloth for starters. With “waves.” The Hasbro people seem to know a thing or two about kayaking, as Barbie is incapable of bending her elbows, giving her a powerful forward stroke (if she can engage her torso, that is… er, or is that bendy cousin Skipper?) I remember those rubbery girls eventually had spike-sharp wires protruding from the soles of their feet (OUCH on all sides, including my older brother’s. Skipper = weapon!! You could break out of a max-security penitentiary with her.) This is why we are SUPer suspicious of SUP yoga people… Your post cracks Jean up, as she once made her living coming up with new Barbie concepts—no joke! Favorite unbought idea: Knocked Up Teenage Barbie. Alternate idea to Crack Head Barbie. Unfortunately, hadn’t discovered kayaking yet so no Kayak Barbie. What a missed opportunity!! Say, where’s her super cute pfd?

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    1. That’s funny! Those are some great parody barbies 🙂 did she actually have them made or were those the ideas that didn’t quiet make it? She did have a PFD, safety first!


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