The Art of Kayaking

I just read an article called “WAY OF THE PADDLE: Sea Kayakers are awash in information, but where is the sport’s soul?” by Tim Shuff, in the Adventure Kayak Magazine.

In a nutshell he points out that “sea kayaking is not rocket science” and reminds us to think about the reason we kayak.

I kayak because it’s beautiful, and peaceful, and exciting, and social, and isolating, and so much more (that’s why I won’t run out of words for this blog).

Why do you kayak?

I assume you have a reason, even if you don’t have the words for it yet, because you’re on here.

Don’t let something like a lack of technical skills keep you from paddling. That’s like telling a ten year old he can’t ride his bike around the block because he doesn’t have the skills to ride a half pipe.

Despite my science background and type of personality that makes me want to become a skilled/technical/efficient/adventurer kayaker, my passion is for the art of it all.

That doesn’t mean I won’t post later about the science of kayaking. Science highly interests me and is part of my career, but art is what gets me out on the water and gives me the drive to get on here and write despite a fast faced stressful work day and a never ending to-do list.

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