A friend in town: introducing kayaking and SUPing

I’ve had three best friends since I was about four years old. We grew up in Alaska together and all homeschooled (so that’s like going to school together right?) so when we visit each other our playful and curious sides come out.

My friend is a swimmer and is comfortable on the water so she decided to give our kayak and stand up paddleboard a try.

I went out with her in our tandem, me going in back (with control of the rudder!) for the first time, and I’ve got to say I enjoy the front better (for its view and lack of rudder).

She only made it 15 minutes on the kayak, with me doing most of the paddling, because her arms were tired, so I didn’t have time to get a pic.

Then Alex joined me in the kayak (I got my front seat back) and Laura took out the SUP.

She had a good time, especially once she got away from the bushes…


…and once figured out how to stay upright.



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