Sea Kayaking, Sardinia

Interesting history on kayaking!
(Paragraphs 2-6)


A family holiday in Sardinia, gave me the opportunity to try sea kayaking for the first time. The Mediterranean Sea, notoriously calm and accommodating for first timers, was a good place to start. I had previously spent a lot of time kayaking and canoeing on rivers, completing day trips, navigating white water and rapids and getting to grips with both types of vessel. We hired the kayaks for the day, from a local water-sports shop, and set about learning the techniques for this sport at sea.

Hopping out of the Kayak Hopping out of the Kayak

History of Sea Kayaking

First records show early trans-atlantic kayak journeys from Greenland to Scotland by Inuit paddlers. Modern records show the epic voyage of Franz Romer in 1928, crossing the Atlantic Ocean in a kayak, on a solo adventure. His crossing from the Canary Islands to Puerto Rico took 58 days at sea, but he was lost in a hurricane trying to get…

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