Crabbing off Kayak Point


Crabbing season just opened this month so I’m really excited to go. Last year we caught a lot of red rock crabs and even though I’m from Alaska I thought they were dungenous crabs so we threw a lot back, thinking they were too small.


We’ve done Kayak point a couple times. All you need is a boat, crab pot, line, buoy, bait, fishing license with crabbing license, small ice chest, and patience.

This size pot fits perfectly in the big part of our recreational kayak and the ice chest in the front.


The park closes at dusk so you can actually go after work and crab for a couple hours and most likely catch something.

We took two home with us and cooked them. The poundage of meat you get is definitely not worth the price but the relaxing day you have, sitting in your kayak and fishing, and how delicious they taste right out of the water is definitely worth it.

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