Lake Union and Lake Washington right before Seafair 2015

Talk about busy! What a great time boat watching (there were so many!), people watching, and houseboat watching!

We launched at Lake Union and slowly made our way, playing frogger with big boats, sail boats, and little motor boats.

There was an army boat full of soldiers, a huge barge full of coal, and one little motor boat who told us we almost went as fast as them while in sync! šŸ™‚


We went through the Montlake Cut and I literally thought we were going to do a nose dive between all the waves from the large boats going through a narrow passage. Instead we just kept slapping the water (with the entire front half of the tandem) and somehow didn’t capsize.

Once on Lake Washington we got to see the Husky Stadium (left part of the pic) and a lot of lilly pads.


3 thoughts on “Lake Union and Lake Washington right before Seafair 2015

    1. For the most part we just try to keep out of their way. Night is actually easier in some ways since we have a tall light that attaches to the back hatch. For day time it’s all about making eye contact whenever possible. Also, I really want to get a Seahawks flag….


      1. Also! Always a good idea to have a flashlight and whistle to get someone’s attention as needed. Haven’t had to use them before but it’s good backup.


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