Instant feedback: learning the forward stroke

The skinny boats provide instant feedback. If I paddle correctly I go fast, and if I don’t take my paddle out soon enough and it goes too far past my waist I fall in. 

And my fall looks pathetic.
After looking really awesome passing everyone.
At least at the end we all had a prize.
One of our classmates brought Asian pears.
The following class we really worked on our forward stroke, on the kayak ergometer. I learned to learn toward more in my seat and keep my arms out further away from my body.
When paddling on the lake after the erg I realized how much better my stroke felt, though it took more muscles to maintain.
When I did relax briefly to talk to someone I flipped right over.

On another note, our instructor asked us to race in Canada this fall! We were so excited we almost forgot we have a family wedding that we’re both in…

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