An Expensive Load: washing waterproof coats and pants

This three item load of laundry is worth at least $300, so I wanted to get it right.

I purchased soap specifically for waterproof gear Nikwax Tech Wash and softshell proof spray for afterwards.

Following the directions I filled the water up and added the soap. I did a cold wash (which is what my gear called for), on delicate, with extra rinse.

While they were still wet I sprayed them, waited two minutes, and rubbed in the excess and hung to dry.

My coat was a little splotchy. My husband’s coat looks the same (clean, not splotchy). The pants look brand new. They have a funny chemical smell to them that should go away with good rain I should think. I’ll let you know next rainstorm how they do.

Most importantly it got the odorous campfire smell out (I love that smell but don’t want to wear it to work/sporting events).

How do you wash your waterproof gear?

And how I get rid of the (albeit subtle) splotches?

Update 9/1/2015: a rain storm during the Reign women’s soccer game allowed me to test out that my rain coat is still water proof AND the splotches are gone AND the chemical smell is almost completely gone (it’s only there if I burry my nose in it). Woohoo! Good as new.  

4 thoughts on “An Expensive Load: washing waterproof coats and pants

    1. I just learned I’m supposed to use shampoo on my wetsuit! So it’s funny you mention that…
      I also rinse it and make sure it’s dried and not creased when I store it, but apparently that’s not enough 😛 Meh, our stuff has survived so far right?


  1. I have used these same products many times with no problems. I feel your pain, it’s hard putting those expensive Patagonia/ etc… items in the wash. I tell myself, in the end using them is what justifies their cost and need.

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    1. Yeah for sure. If you’re not using it what’s the point?
      I’ll try them again next time I do a load and hopefully that will get the splotches out. They’re not that big a deal anyway, I think I’m the only one that will notice 😛


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