What do you do to unwind after work?

Even going on the same relatively small lake 2 to 3 times a week paddling doesn’t get boring. 

Being on the water is calm in itself, and it forces you to concentrate on your balance instead of dwelling on the problems of the day (or what you still have to cook for dinner tonight).
Sometimes things don’t always go right in your after work activity, like having the foot plate fall into the bottom of the lake when you flip in a relay race, for example, The good outweighs the difficult (like trying the Epic Surf Ski at the start of a pretty sunset).
We also might watch a TV show (Daredevil currently), which has it’s own after work relaxation as a way to shut off the brain.
I might watch a book, while my hubby is on the computer (I’m currently reading Winter World: the ingenuity of animal survival).
What do you do to wind down after work?

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