How we do the Labor Day REI sale 

We scoped out the whole store Wednesday after work, Labor Day advertisement in hand. The sale didn’t start until Friday.

We circled and made notes. Tried clothes on. Tried every camp chair in the section. Laid on sleeping bag pads.

Took the cheesy picture in the white water kayak billboard on the top picture.

Then we went home and debated… Do we need a lighter lantern than ours run by 3-DD batteries? Do we need a second thermos and if so, what size? Does we want winter car glamping with this blow up mattress like my brother just got?

How many hiking pants is the right amount? Especially since I need more pants to wear to work… (Before changing into scrubs).

Friday I went back, list in hand, and snatched up everything I could find (and no more, that’s the key to not spending your savings). Even though there was a giant bananagrams!

We ended up getting the 40oz thermos, one pair of hiking pants each, a kayak carrier for our car (in anticipation of getting single kayaks!!!!!!) and a couple other items (who doesn’t need a plastic egg holder?).

And… we got an Alcove…for glamping this winter. Had to do a dry run, of course in my new hiking pants!

The Alcove

Now we get to use our new items on actual Labor Day weekend to try them out!

What did you buy (or wish you bought)?

5 thoughts on “How we do the Labor Day REI sale 

  1. I agree, those REI sales are typically not very nice on the checkbook/credit card but they are fun. We try and wait for the Garage Sale days they offer about twice a year since our nearest REI is just over two hours from our home.
    You will love single kayaks when you get them…the freedom is awesome:-)

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    1. That’s right, the garage sales! I’ve managed to miss those for one reason or another every year 😛 I should definitely keep that in mind to spend less money… Or more money… 🙂


  2. If you want a kayak come down to my store in Portland, OR, Alder Creek Kayak and Canoe, last weekend in September! It’s our big end of year sale. We put all the rental boats from our 5 locations on huge discounts. Plus, there are deals on new boats. And manufacturer reps which have been trailering demos all summer bring these for the sale, too!


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