Last Sprint Paddle 

In a world of texting and huge social networks of acquaintances knowing the 13 paddlers who showed up to the last class is not half bad. Knowing them by name and their profession, and at least one of their interests (kayaking!).

During our loop of Green Lake we saw a Blue Heron by the water, an Osprey in the trees, a woman in a black bikini twirling a hula hoop on fire, and a guy lying on a blow-up mattress in the lake.

At the end of the paddle we tried out the Super Lancer. Also known as the Super-Not-So-Stable.

   Because it’s so skinny on the hips Alex also tried out the Classic, which is pretty much the same thing just wider and tippier. He made it more than a few strokes off the dock once but unfortunately that was after I put the camera away.

A very fun end to a great 10 week sprint paddle class at Seattle Canoe and Kayak Club on Green Lake.

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