San Juan Island day 4: Mosquito Pass and English Camp

Getting up early in the morning is hard for us while vacationing. Every day for work we get up between 6 and 6:20 but even with the birds loudly singing we hate to get up before 8 while camping.

But we did it and drove across the island to Reuben Tarte Park (unload right by the water at the beach then park up the hill) during slack for the crossing to Jones Island State Park (in the distance). 


The problem was our destination requires us to hang out there for three hours, even with a jaunt to the Wasp Islands, to come back during slack (when the waters are calm) and it was rainy and cold and foggy. 

If we’d had to do it we could have, but I also wanted to see English camp. 

We’d have to wait for next slack so we met our friends at Bean Cafe (a fun coffee shop) before their ferry. 

Next door was the Lavender farm store where I bought some lavender hand sanitizer for our next camping trip (I use hand sanitizer all day at work going between patient rooms so I’m picky). I want to try their mosquito repellant next spring.

 We drove back to Small Pox Bay by our campsite and launched for a nice paddle to English camp.
Mosquito pass has a lot of power boats but it’s a beautiful and fairly protected paddle.
English Camp was based on the Pig Wars where British and American soldiers almost came to blows over a shot pig (though really it was about who owned the San Juans). There’s a small visitors center and you can walk around the camp and learn about life there.
IMG_3600 English Camp FlagIMG_3606English Camp Garden
English Camp tree   English Camp Landing
Then we went all the way to Barron Island to see North edge of San Juan Island into the infamous Spieden Channel.
Spieden Channel 2
Along the way we saw more seals on the way to Roche Harbor.
By the time we got back it was dinner time. We saw three raccoons running up a tree by our campsite but I was much more excited to see this fox I’ve never seen before! He came up right to us and our picnic table then when he saw we noticed him he pretended like he left then trotted through the woods to the other side of our tent to see if he could get to our dinner from there. Sneaky little fox.
To read about Day 1 on start here.
Stay tuned for Day 5.

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