Bear eats kayak – link 

A kayaker in Southeast Alaska had her kayak eaten (at least enough to have to swim out to a sail boat apparently).

Here’s the anchorage daily news article:
The video is definitely worth watching, at least the beginning, then the combination of the piercing voice and feeling bad for her frantic panic caused me to hit pause.

But the bear really goes to town on the kayak, possibly in revenge for the bear spray. The bear didn’t seem available for comment.

Also check out an updated article about the woman in the video 10/13/15

10 thoughts on “Bear eats kayak – link 

    1. I hope one doesn’t eat my kayak either! I’m not sure what I would have done 😛 I probably wouldn’t have pepper sprayed the bear to begin with since I’ve been close to a lot of black bears before between hiking and just walking back and forth to school in Juneau (the dorms and campus are in a forest so you literally walk on a hiking path between the two and run into black bears frequently). That being said, who knows if I were in her shoes what I would have done! Maybe rushed the bear, haha. What about you, CamperChristina?

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      1. I don’t think I would’ve used the pepper spray. i would only do that if it was attacking me. I would’ve just made a lot of noise and scared it off or gone inside and left it alone. I think he ate the kayak out of spite and if she wouldn’t have sprayed him, he would’ve just left it alone. Bears are really really smart. Hard to really say unless you are there I suppose but that’s my best guess at what I would’ve done. That is amazing about Juneau! Do you have posts on that?

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  1. Are Alaskan bears enrolled in ESL classes as cubs? That was my first thought upon hearing the woman using so much English language with the bear. Seriously, for a while I was thinking, “this is staged, with a trained bear.” But, I suppose when you are panicked, miles from anywhere, you do what comes to mind which is, try to reason with it. Fortunately, there were other boats around and here’s another lesson about the possible issues of traveling alone. The other thing I noted was the bear’s reaction to the spray. I thought it would turn tail and run. Instead, it sorta walks away and noms on the kayak.

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    1. Ha, so true. I did find it a little surprising she was pleading with the bear instead of using the bear spray again (since she obviously wasn’t hesitant to use it the once). Like you said, when you’re on your own and panicked you do the first thing that comes to mind, like desperate negotiations with a bear apparently 🙂


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