Water Adventure Shoes: Do you have a favorite?

I’ve got more adventure shoes than high heels. I spend more time looking at hiking books (I’ve got water proof ones for day use, hiking boots for multi day hikes and -50 boots for fun in the snow in Alaska) and water shoes (see below!) than dress shoes (all I’ve got are two pairs of flats and two high heels).

I realized the importance of a good adventure shoe when going ice climbing (or attempting to, with some friends on a frozen waterfall off the highway in Anchorage, Alaska) with boots that kept my feet warm but didn’t give me enough support and I kept climbing right out of my boot. Life is a whole lot more fun (and you don’t almost chop your date’s head off with an ice pick) when you have the right shoe.

I got my Jambu’s with a couple friends (peer pressure isn’t bad when your friends have good taste) and have loved them ever since.

While walking a friends puppy in Juneau, Alaska I got to play in a (glacier fed) creek with the dog during a hike then go to dinner after, all in the same shoes.

After years of hard use (I could literally wear them all summer for everything) the velcro eventually stopped sticking and the sides of the sandal lost some of their form.

My Keens replaced my Jambus and I love them and wear them year round (the Jambus were in Alaska or I’d have worn them year round too), however, they’re just not as cute! They use a draw string instead of Velcro, however, and have sturdier straps, so I have a feeling they will last longer. I’ve had mine for about two years an they look and feel brand new.

Also, since I do wear them year round I occasionally rock the sock sandal look that appalls so many (warmth and breathable and versatile).

The only issue with these closed toes and strappy sandals are that when sand gets in (or small pebbles) it stays in until I take off my shoe.

My water shoes keep out those pebbles and sand but they stay wet FOREVER (even drying them by the fire as much as possible) and then they start to rub when you put them on the next day.They are a little more insulated for the water, however.

The water socks are great for kayaking all day (with my keens or water shoes for being on shore since they don’t have rubber soles). If I wear my insulated water socks WITH my keens (again the socks wth the sandals look) then I can be warm with a quicker dry (still takes a little while in front of the fire or in the sun) and have the rubber sole when needed for launches and landings. The socks do have some grip on the bottom for walking on docks/some slicker surfaces but I would never have just them for anything more than a small lake.

My husband wears crocks (which he wears with a water sock when it’s colder) . His favorite part about them is they dry really quickly. His least favorite part is when rocks get in.  


They didn’t provide much support for his multi-mile run to get our kayak when we ended up in the wrong lake… But none of them probably would be. 


What adventure shoes have you found? 


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