Fall/winter paddling 

I won’t stop paddling!

I don’t have a dry suit but that’s not what’s been stopping me the past month plus from getting out there.

We have had a lot of friends and family in town, by chance all in a row but what’s really been taking our time is we’ve been house shopping! (The house below is just an example).

In the Seattle market it’s like the lottery,  except it takes all your time (zillow by night, in-person on weekends, work by day to pay for it, and obsessing over all the details in every spare moment), and it’s free! Until your lottery ticket number gets called, then it’s really really expensive. 

Did I mention the bidding wars are real?

Can you imagine bidding wars on a kayak? Weelll… The rudder is broken and it’s recreation instead of touring but if I do some repairs and install a bulk head and second kitchen I can pay you double for the broken kayak and rent out the second cockpit!

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