kayak trick-or-treating on Lake Union

Trick-or-treating doesn’t have to just be for kids! We hopped in our kayak last year on Halloween and met up with a lot of other kayakers through a meet-up group to go on Lake Union to visit all the house boats.

October 2

We were both Captains. Alex was Captain Kirk and I was Captain America.

We were also, of course, captains of our boat.

October 3

A lot of houses had candy but others had beer or warm spiced wine.

There wasn’t a chance anyone was incapacitated from a few drinks but our floatilla bumped into each other anyway. It’s very difficult to paddle and hold a beer at the same time, though we had the advantage in our tandem (that’s why I’m double fisting!). I did figure out a way to paddle with the beer in one hand with the paddle under my elbow.


Some of the houses were easier to get to than others in the matter of height. Quiet a few houses had pans on the ends of sticks to pass us the candy.

Realizing we are in fact adults we brought candy and reverse trick-or-treated at the houses and a passing child walking along the docks.


My favorite costume was the inflated pumpkin piloting the lit up foldable kayak.

On our way back it started pouring rain but we had our skirts on to cover ourselves and our big bag of candy.

The best night of trick or treating I’ve ever had.

2 thoughts on “kayak trick-or-treating on Lake Union

    1. Yeah we hadn’t heard of it either. We went to a Husky football game this year, mainly because we didn’t see anyone post this on the meetup site, but if no one does next year we just might have to organize it. So much fun.

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