Neoprene isn’t just for on the water

Kayaking can be a messy sport and my now year old car has (had) white seats. We vacuum after trips and wipe down the interior but there are spots that just don’t want to come out.

Especially since every once in a while we come out looking like this from our Ross Lake trip.

So we decided to buy neoprene seats to protect my Subaru!

It was mostly straight forward enough I could figure it out with these wonderfully detailed directions pretty much saying to install something.

So we ended up taking out the back seat and brang it into the living room (it was dark and raining outsid). The front seats we left in and just used a lot of flexibility to get the straps under the front seats.

Which thankfully wasn’t as hard as it sounds. We got it all done and are really happy with the results.

Now to go kayaking and get them dirty!

2 thoughts on “Neoprene isn’t just for on the water

  1. They look great! good idea! I’ve just stopped caring about my truck! lol. My mom offered to clean it for me after our last camping trip… but really… is there ever a last camping trip? hahaha. Hope they are as practical as they are stylish! 🙂

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