Camp Kitchen Christmas Present 

This year for Christmas I made my husband a camp kitchen kit, to keep all the gear in one place for our kayak camping or car camping trips.

For obvious reasons I couldn’t post this with my Christmas gift list 🙂
I bought a plastic container (easy to wipe down) that will fit in the car with our other gear.

Then I partially filled it with the items we’re always grabbing from the kitchen last minute to supplement our camping supply (like a knife, cooking spray, paper towels, a small pot, etc.).

Most of the items are from Good Will to keep the price down.

The smaller containers are meant to help keep items together for easy rummaging. I splurged on wooden because I love the look and feel of them but we’ll see how thy hold up.

This way we won’t do the usual of forgetting an important item (like cooking oil, a knife, or a can opener) and can just grab and go.  Then we can focus our energy on planning our kayak routes!

4 thoughts on “Camp Kitchen Christmas Present 

  1. This is a good and practical plan. I use a small soft-sided cooler creating a camp kitchen which will hold a coffee percolator, small pot, small cast-iron skillet, utensils, paper towels and aluminum foil. Then it just goes from my truck to the kayak (my hatches seal), or other activity, keeping it all together. It seems it didn’t take as many years for you to arrive at this solution than it did for some of the rest of us. 🙂

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    1. Ha, well I learned from others to shorten the time! A couple we like to camp with has their camp kitchen box and the only thing they forget is when they pre cut all their veggies and leave them in the fridge… 🙂
      That sounds like good stuff for the kayak. We still haven’t figured out what to bring when kayak camping without bringing too much or too little.


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