Reclaiming the Duwamish River

The Duwamish River is in Seattle. Despite the fact we’re surrounded by water it is mostly lakes and the Puget Sound.

This article by the Seattle Times talks about reclaiming the Duwamish.

That inspired me to do a quick google search and I found this clean up plan, including a FAQ sheet, final clean up plan, events, how to get involved, etc. The next big event is the 10th Anniversary Duwamish River Festival10th Anniversary Duwamish River Festival, August 20th, 12-6pm. Unfortunately I’ll be working that day but can at least pass the information along.  

I also found a short history of the river here, written by a blog called the Living Barge Project (This project ended 1o years ago so that’s when the history was likely written).

I’m glad I finally searched for it on maps since I’ve heard the name many times but never seen it, despite living here for five years. It’s south of downtown, an area I only go to when passing through to access other kayaking/camping areas. Now we know!



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