First try at dehydrating 

Strawberries are delicious right off the plant but they won’t store well in the kayak (unless I want accidental jam, I suppose).

I got a dehydrator as a wedding present almost three years ago and finally got it out!

First I picked as many juicy red strawberries as I could find in my garden

Chopped them up thinly so they would dry this year

And 10 ish hours later (at 135 F) got really tasty dried strawberries!

A few thicker slabs weren’t completely dry so they ended up as extra samplers.

Ready to snack on next trip!

7 thoughts on “First try at dehydrating 

  1. When I saw the headline ” First try at dehydrating” I though “whats that girl done now. Forgotten to drink on a long paddle and suffered dehydration ?” But no, it was just her strawberries that ended up shrivelled. Nice way to do them though and dehydrated fruit make excellent energy food on a long paddle. 🙂


    1. Hahahahaha.
      I am definitely guilty of not drinking enough on paddles! But thankfully I haven’t gotten to the point of looking like a shriveled strawberry 😎


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