Orcas Day 3: Moran State Park

On the way to the park we stopped in town and picked up a jelly fish (blue to match our blue Subaru!). 

The jelly fish liked the view too heading into Moran state park. 

We stopped first at Cascade lake, soon after the entrance (parking and easy launch past the rental area on the right). 

Logistics wise don’t forget your Discovery Pass! And we found bathrooms near everywhere we went today. 

We launched along a class of Eskimo rollers. 

We went around the lake. 

Across from the launch we found a  bridge to go under. 

It opened up and kept going a little bit until we got to the end where there  was a wall keeping us in. 

Once you’re back in your car if you want to paddle both lakes turn like you’re going you’re going up cascade mountain and one mile in is the turn off to mountain lake. 

We blew past it the first time and ended up in Olga at the Buck Bay shellfish farm. Oh well, just exploring!

To get to Mountain Lake go past the first dock because it has stairs and a ledge on the side of the dock that makes things difficult. Down the skinny road is the real launch (by the trail heads). 

There’s a little island you can get out on. 

Then we followed the road up to the top of mount constitution. 

What a view! At the top of the tower you can see the San Juan Islands!!! 

I’ll admit, yesterday I felt the Wasp Islands were fun but a little overhyped but this was super cool for someone who stares at a lot of charts the San Juans… You can see the map view in person! 

We left Moran State Park and went to Clever Cow creamery for some delicious ice cream in waffle cones. 

The Ferry back was beautiful in the daylight. We were sad to leave but it was fun to watch it go 😉

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