Start of a full weekend

Where do you go with only a two day weekend? Well, you TRY to go everywhere!

We left from my work near downtown and got stuck in traffic (rush hour + three accidents + the downside of being surrounded by water is very few roads) for a while. Not a great start but it allowed time for us to actually plan where to camp and kayak!

We had to make it up the very steep and winding narrow road to our campsite at Deer Park with fading daylight.

Made it to the top and got the second to last campsite! Walk in only but we didn’t have far to go.

It’s called deer park for a reason, we saw many on our way and in the campground.

Why drive up a mountain with no lakes with a kayak strapped to the top of the car?

This stop in the Olympics is because my parents came here when they were our age and LOVED it. We had to check it out.

We figured out why. The view of the mountains is incredible.

That helped remind us in the cold rain, surrounded by small patches of snow, to remember why we came here.

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