Exploring Sucia

We got up early in the morning (two mornings in a row?! Yes, I’m shocked too), brought our lunch and gear for the day down the stairs, and paddled to Ewing Cove and around to see the north side of Sucia. 

The cliffs have that wild look to them, but otherwise there weren’t any places we would land or hike or really explore (just us and a couple seals) so we didn’t spend too much time on that side. 

We paddled across to Snoring Bay and Fossil Bay / Mud Bay, landing at each one. 

While at Mud Bay  we walked in search of a water fountain, following a map we took a picture of that was posted at Snoring Bay. 
Instead we found something even better; a guy with a cooler of ice water!!! We sat and chatted with him long enough the tide (supposed to be in slack) came up and took our kayak away. We sprinted through the mud (remember this is Mud Bay) Alex ran into the water, snagged the kayak, and paddled it over to pick me up. 

I wish I could have gotten a video of that but I was too focused on how quickly I could get to the kayak to get out the camera. 

We continued onto Fossil Bay for a lunch stop. 

There are many campsites between Fossil Bay and Fox Cove.

One post-lunch treat was ice cream! Unfortunately not the cold type but still delicious. 

After coming back, heaving everything back up the steps and draping everything to dry we walked to the west side of the island to Shallow Bay.   

There’s a trail to the right that goes uphill to Lawson Bluff. 

In exploring the island we figured out despite being literally in the trail (people had to step over our unlit campsite) we were in a fairly secluded spot. Most of the campers seemed to be at Shallow and between Fox and Fossil. 

For dinner we had a couple mountain houses. We wanted our packaged salmon chowder but it requires milk! What’s the point! 

Instead we supplemented with flavorful dried strawberries from our garden and nuts we got in Maui. 

Note: missed the post about getting to Sucia? Click here. 

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